Ship Management
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   QinHuangDao ShiFang Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd accquires DOC Certificate which issued by Maritime Safety Administration of The People¡¯s Republic of China. The DOC Certificate, covering three ship types, confirm with the Principal of ISM and NSM. Marine Management Department sets up Marine Team and Engine Team in order to manage Ship Safety and Equipment Operation Safety.

¡¡¡¡Our goal is to build domestic first-class ship management company. QinHuangDao ShiFang Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd relies on the rich crew resources and sea geographical advantage, vigorously develop the ship management business, provides professional ship management services, and establishes mutual benefit cooperation relationship with customer.

Taking ¡°Safety, Economy, Efficiency, Environmental Protection¡± as our target, marine management department keeps studying the global advanced ship management experience in order to continuously enhance our management level. Focus on the service to ship owners, marine management department fully takes advantage of experienced expert to guarantee the safety of crew , ship, and cargo, meanwhile protects environment from pollution. We will service you wholeheartedly to achieve the goal of mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.